Measurable Programs






Customer profitability

Customer retention





Services and Proceedings


Actual- vs. Traget-Status

Visualizing of GAP´s

Definition of actions to close GAP´s


Evincing of structures, Methods and Techniques for implementation

Detailed definition of Activities and Time-Schedule


Accompanied Support of Management and Staff














Networks and Experiences


Germany, Austria, Switzerland , France, Italy, Sweden


Sales, Management, Consulting, Coaching, Training


Project-, Sales-Manager, Managing Director
Lecturer at Business Administration schools and Universities ( Prof. )

Company types

National and International SMB and Enterprise, Distribution and Directsales

Methods and Fundamentals

Strategy, Business and Management

Sales Excellence ( Prof. Homburg ), Sun-Zi, Clausewitz, Swiss-Military-Academy, Harzburg- and Zurich-Management-Modell, Neuro-Communication

Didactics ( media oriented )

Socratic Dialog, Story-Telling, Project- and Szenario-Based, Learning Objectives Oriented and Experience Based, Chairing Groupwork, Videobased Tutorials


Methodical Analysis, Consulting, Workshop, Seminar, Training, Coaching

Causes for Changes

Products- and Market-Changes are forcing business adaptations.

Sales-Organisations, -Channel and the associated Partners have to be rebuild or completely new established.

Likewise also the respective Sales-Methods.

Project- and Account-Management have to be established or adapted.

Even so the Market-Management.

Usually Methods are used on a Tool basis, this means the appropriate today´s Tools have to be revised as well.

Working-Techniques and -Skills of both Sales- and Marketing Staff, from Management till Communication, have to be adapted or realigned.

Associates – national and international


Management – Models – Methodology – Organisation - Skills

Tenured Professor at a School of business administration, economics and management

Projectmanagement – Services – industrial processes

Manager Services Industry-Automation

Sales Management – Structurs – Methodology – Skills

Managing Director middle-sized manufactoring and sales company

Switzerland, Italy, Austria

Management – Social- and Sales– Skills

Manager Services, faculty member at a School of business administration and management


Change Management - Sales – Channels – Methodology

Sales Manager multinational manufactoring and sales company

Customer Statements extracts

Accountmanager Systemhouse

I´ve got stimulations and support for thinking in different ways to go for other paths of sales. The benefit argumentation helped me to enlarge an order from a dialysis center.

Vice President Softwaresupplierr - Skandinavia

Solution. Looking back and listening to the AM we would not be at the end of the Sales Cycle just some weeks later if it weren't for the valuable advice and examples you shared with my team.

Head of departement Reinsurance

His clear and open way to make complex context easy to understand, as well as his empathy for the different characters of our Client Managers leaded to an intensive and successful collaboration.

During this collaboration the department developed a clear market- and customer-structure, teamwork was promoted and the position in different business areas were strengthened.

General Manager logistics company

He is an excellent coach and very close to reality which means practical and not too theoretical.

Owner Telecomunication Systemhouse

I would like to thank you for the many ideas, tips out of your experience and the practical examples.

It helped me already to change my behavior and will continue to change me personally.

Beyond this it leaded immediately to a success on a jointly campaign.

Sales Rep Systemhouse

- Authentic method of training

- Lots of examples / experience given to participants

- Good analysis of errors

- Relaxed atmosphere


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